Certificate III in Investigative Services

You will need to apply for your Unique Student Identifier number. 

You can then apply for a course to study Certificate III in Investigative Services either in a classroom (recommended if you have no previous experience) or online. If you have served as a Police Officer, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and if your service was in the UK, then Contact Us for guidance.

Police Checks

If you are a migrant, you will need to apply for a Police Check in any other countries you have lived in. For example, if you are from the UK, you will need to apply to the CRO here , where you can now pay by EFT. You may need your fingerprints taking first, which we can do for you. The certificate will probably take weeks to come through. If you have lived in several countries, it is recommended that you contact your Police Licensing Section to find out how far back they want you to go. You do not need to apply for a Police Check in Australia, that will be done automatically when you submit the application for your licences.


Follow the instructions here in order to get your licences through WAPOL at Cannington and have your fingerprints taken by them. The licences usually take 3-4 weeks to come through.

What many trainers neglect to tell you right from the start, is that without an Inquiry Agent’s Licence, your Investigator’s Licence could be a waste of time and money. Due to the inconsistencies in the industry (no-one can predict when or where an investigation will be required), no company will employ you full or part-time, it is usually subcontract work. In order to advertise your services or simply supply your resume in response to someone else’s advert, you need an Inquiry Agent’s Licence. In WA, this entails taking an open book multiple choice test, which you take at the Licensing Section. See this link https://www.police.wa.gov.au/About-Us/Our-Agency/Police-Licensing-Services/Security/Licence-applications#Inquiry_Agent_Licence  for further conditions.

At Pathfinder Investigations, however, we can offer you casual work throughout Western Australia on an ad hoc basis without needing an Inquiry Agent licence as you would come under ours. As there are some 60 aspects of private investigation, please Contact us with your resume and details of the type of work you wish to undertake so we can spruik your services.

Process Serving

Although FNSMCA303 Serve Legal Process is one of the modules in the Certificate III in Investigative Services, it is not taught as a stand alone subject.

You do not need any licences to be a Process Server in WA (unlike some eastern states), you just need a driving licence, a vehicle, a mobile phone, a computer, a colour printer/scanner capable of scanning multiple pages into one pdf document, and an ABN.

The role entails visiting residential or business premises, serving Court Documents, completing an Affidavit of Service and then signing it in the presence of a Justice of the Peace.

The role suits mature persons who are former police officers, prison officers, security guards, and those with military or credit control backgrounds. While assaults are very rare, they are a theoretical risk and you would need to know instinctually when to back away or how to defend yourself. You would need to have a balance of persistence and tact.

While we endeavour to supply you with information about the Defendant/Respondent’s routine, it would be up to you to decide what time of day to make an attempt at service, which could be between 5am-9pm 365 days of the year (contrary to popular opinion, we can serve on public holidays). As a result, you can do this type of work on top of your full time job.

While full guidance will be provided regards the clerical side of things, you would need to be able to speak and write English fluently and have a meticulous eye for detail on Court documents.

The role is open to both genders, and especially to those candidates with experience of showing empathy to victims of domestic violence.

While we have contacts throughout Western Australia, we are always looking to increase our numbers of Process Servers, especially in regional areas. Contact us today with your resume.

Current Opportunities

We currently cover the following areas for Process Serving:

  • Greater Perth Area from Yanchep to Margaret River including Rottnest Island
  • Greater Geraldton Area from Kalbarri to Mullewa and Carnamah
  • Broome
  • Esperance

We are looking to extend our network of subcontractors to work on an ad hoc basis throughout REGIONAL Western Australia and nationally.

If you wish to apply to become a subcontractor, please send your resume to Contact us today.