Biological Family Investigations

Kate’s main work is through piecing together a clients’ DNA where they don’t know who their biological family are. She has been working with DNA since 2016 and have had a huge success rate.


  • An adult child raised in a one-parent home where the parent refuses to give the child the information regarding their other parent
  • An adult child given up for adoption

One of the most rewarding cases we have worked on was from May 2018. A lady last saw her sister in 1968, when she left home at the age of 15 years of age. The police treated it as a “family problem” and couldn’t locate her. The client said that the sister was seeing a man by the name of “Charlie”, and that he worked on a property with either cattle or horses. It took us less than an hour to discover whom she had married, and that they had indeed been running a business relating to horses. We were delighted to put our client in contact with her sister.

The cost for Deciphering the DNA does not include the cost of the DNA test itself, as the price varies according to which type of test is required, which laboratory is used, and whether or not it is required for Court purposes, eg for child custody or visitation issues, child support payments, or probate matters.

The DNA results normally take between 2-8 weeks to get back from the laboratory, depending on the type of test and any postage delays.

Kate uses 5 different databases to be able to decipher the clients DNA. The deciphering can take a day to do, or sometimes months, depending on who else has testing from around the world. She will only know what kind of case it is when she gets the DNA results back. If there is no apparent match, she will continue to work on the DNA for as long as the client needs us to.

She is also able to find missing friends and family in the UK as the databases she uses are more open than Australian records.

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